The ecobee Smart Si thermostat has an easy-to-read color screen that displays the information you need to set and manage your Smart Si thermostat. Use the navigation buttons on the right to quickly change the temperature and access system information.



What’s on the Home Screen?

When you press a button, the Home screen is displayed. Note: you may need to press the button twice, once to “wake up” the thermostat and once more to arrive at the Home screen.


  1. Current Temperature and Humidity – The current (actual) temperature and humidity in the room where the Smart Si thermostat is installed.
  2. System Mode – The current method of temperature control: heat or cool.
  3. Current Set Point – The temperature at which the system is programmed to maintain.
  4. Current Time/Date – Displays the current date and time for your time zone.
  5. Internet Access – Indicates that the Smart Si thermostat is connected to the Internet. A chain link indicates communication with the ecobee web servers.


Default Temperature (Current) Set Point

This is the temperature at which the system is programmed to maintain in its default setting. This default setting is managed by your property’s maintenance team, and is programmed to maintain comfortable, energy-efficient temperatures at different points within the 24-hour cycle.


Adjusting Temperature

  1. Press the OK button to see the Current Temp.
  2. Press ◀(left) or ▶(right) to switch between heat and cool set points.
  3. Press ▲(up) or ▼(down) to adjust it manually by increments of 1°F (0.5°C).
  • The range for your temperature setting is + or – 6 degrees from the default setting at any given point in the 24-hour cycle.
  • Your manual temperature setting places the thermostat in a temporary “hold” status, and will return to the default setting after operating for 2 hours at your selected temperature.



The About page on the Menu displays useful information about your Smart Si thermostat.  You may need this information if you are having difficulties or need technical support. Menu options that require an access code are controlled by Property Management.



Technical Support

If you experience difficulties with the available features of your ecobee thermostat, please use the following options for technical support.


call 1-800-611-9837   or   email

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