ecobee SMART Si THERMOSTAT Helpful Hints    

How To Maximize Comfort and Energy Efficiency


Planning on being away for a while?

If you plan to be away from your unit for more than 24 hours, consider turning the ecobee thermostat OFF

  1. Press the Menu button (you may need to do this more than once to reach the Main menu screen)
  2. From the Main menu screen, select System
  3. Select Off
  4. Press OK

When you return, simply return to the main menu by selecting Menu

  1. From the main menu screen select System
  2. Select On
  3. Press OK


Windows and Balconies

Be sure to keep windows and exterior doors shut while the system is running.  HVAC units are no match against Mother Nature and leaving doors and window open while the system is active is a huge waste of energy. 


Shades and Blinds

Not only do window treatments provide privacy, they also block powerful sunlight that works against your air conditioner during warm weather.  Use your blinds to help keep your room nice and cool.




Portable fans are inexpensive, and are very effective at circulating air within your living room or bedroom.  This can save a lot of energy and keep you more comfortable at the same time.

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