The New Global SSID at UK

Great news!  As of July 10th you will no longer be required to re-register you devices when leaving your apartment to visit friends! You will be able to enjoy wireless service at several other sites without having to register each time, these sites include:

Boyd and Holmes Hall, Jewell and Blazer Hall, Johnson/Donovan and Haggin Hall, University Flats and Lewis Hall, and Woodland Glen.

If you have already registered your devices,all you have to do is connect to one of the New SSIDs “UK Housing” or “UK Housing 82.1x” and launch your browser, It will automatically match to your existing credentials so there is No longer a need to enter a username and password!

The same Great News applies to the 13 classrooms in the zone of properties listed above.  You will see the "Eduroam" network SSIDs and can register on one of them, never having to re-register for the other classrooms in the zone.

 Guest accounts will still be required for non-residents but they will also be able to roam for 24 hours while in the UK Zone.

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