Which wireless (WiFi) connection do I use?

Not sure which WiFi connection you should use?

Look for the list of available wireless networks on your device and select the one that is listed for your property. This should be the first connection in the list, and should have the strongest signal or the most bars showing.  In most cases your property's name will be associated with it also. Now click Connect.

If you haven't already done so, you will need to set up your account in order to browse the internet using this connection. To do this, go to  Create My Account.

You may also see an option for a  802.1x connection that provides a more secure network. If you choose the 802.1x connection you must enter the username and password associated with your myElauwit account. Please keep in mind, not all devices can connect to 802.1x networks. For more help with these types of networks, See this article

That's it. Set up your account and browse away.

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