How do I connect my Wii to the internet?

Will the Wii Gaming Console work on Elauwit’s Wireless Network? 

  • No, the Wii will not work on Elauwit’s network.
  • Elauwit has made some adjustments to the Wi-Fi service to improve the resident’s wireless experience. As a result the Wii gaming system will no longer work over the WiFi network without an Ethernet connection and an adaptor. Residents will need a regular Ethernet cable and a Ethernet Network Adapter for Nintendo Wii. 

To use your Wii on the network, you will need to connect it to the wired networks, which are available in each bedroom. Nintendo offers an adapter for the Wii for this purpose. 

Is there a way to make the Wii work on Elauwit's network?

Yes, you can purchase an Adapter, this will allow you to be able to connect your device with an Ethernet cable.

WALMART ADAPTER / Tons of Amazon Alternatives

Wifi Only Sites – No option or use a wireless Ethernet adapter to one of the USB dongles.

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