I'm having trouble with my ethernet (wired) internet connection

If you're having trouble with your ethernet (wired) connection, try these tips first:

  1. Turn on your wired (ethernet) connection on your device.  Be certain the device's WiFi connection is turned off when doing so.
  2. Make sure you have a registered account.  If you don't, and are uncertain of how to get set up, go to Create My Account for instructions.
  3. Check to see if the device your are using is registered on your account.  If you aren't sure how to register the device, go to Add A Device and follow the instructions.
  4. Verify that your ethernet cable is in good working condition.  To do this you may try borrowing a different cable from someone who has a good connection and use it on your ethernet port to see if you can connect.  If this works, you need to replace your ethernet cable. Oh, and please return the one you borrowed.
  5. Remove the ethernet cable from the port located on your wall and plug it into the port right above or below it.  If this works, please call the help desk and set up a time for your broken port to be repaired.
  6. Look for another ethernet port in your apartment, or in a friend's apartment. Connect your device to that port.  If you are able to get online, your own ethernet port may need to be repaired.  A quick call to the help desk to report the issue will get you on your way to having service restored in your unit.

If you are still having trouble getting online with your ethernet connection, give us a call on the help desk an we'll walk you through the steps to get resolved.

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