How do I add devices to my account for Internet browsing?

First things first.  If you haven’t already done so, you'll need to create an account with us. To learn how to set up your account, see this article: Connecting to the Internet for the first time .

If the device you want to add has a browser like Google Chrome or Safari, then you should connect to the Internet and launch a browser from that device. You should be redirected automatically to a page where you can add the device to your account.

Some devices do not include browsers like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chrome Stick and others. If your device does not have a browser, you’ll need to find its MAC address before you can add the device to your account. To learn how to find your MAC address, see this article: What's a MAC Address and where do I find it? Then follow these steps.

Step 1: Write down your MAC address including the colons and have it handy.

Step 2: Log into your Account.

Step 3: Click the Network tab on the left-hand dashboard, and click “Add Device”

Step 4: Enter the MAC address, select the appropriate Device Type on the pop-up window and click to continue.

Depending upon your device, there may be additional steps required. Instructions for many of the more common devices are included in this article about MAC addresses.

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