What you need to know about QAM Technology

Important Information about Your TV Service

In order to deliver the clearest video programming in both digital high-def and standard definition, your property employs QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) technology. QAM enables the delivery of video programming to every TV in your unit without the need for a cable box.


Please check your television’s specification sheet to determine if it has a QAM-256 tuner. Analog TVs and even some HD models may have a QAM-64 tuner, or no tuner at all, that may not be compatible.


Poor picture quality
Missing channels
Missing audio
Not receiving any programming
Fuzzy or distorted images

If your TV does not have a QAM-256 tuner, you may purchase a QAM converter that will enable your TV to function properly with this technology. We recommend that you test your TV in your apartment before purchasing a converter as some TV spec sheets are unclear regarding their compatibility with QAM technology.

TO PURCHASE A QAM CONVERTER, VISIT: Elauwit.com/qam-converter. This converter has been tested and is 100% compatible with the TV service at your property. If you choose to purchase a different QAM converter, we cannot ensure it will work.

What is a QAM converter? A QAM converter is a device that can be installed between your cable port and your TV if your TV does not have a built in QAM-256 tuner. Its primary function is to convert the QAM signal received from your property into a video format that your TV can display. Once installed, this device will function just like a traditional cable box, allowing you to change channels using your converter remote and not your TV.

*Please note, a QAM converter is not the same thing as a digital converter box or HDTV tuner and does not provide the same functionality as these devices.

Where can I get additional information? To learn more about QAM and to find answers to commonly asked questions, visit myelauwit.com.

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