How do I add my Apple TV?

  1. Go to the main menu on your Apple TV, and select "Settings.

  2. In the Settings Menu, select "About."

  3. Here you can find your MAC Address, listed as either the "Wireless ID" or "Ethernet ID" (depending on the connection you are using). They will be different and you will need to add the one you will be using. When in doubt add them both to your account.

  4. Add the MAC Address to your account by going to on a computer, phone or tablet. Login using the full email address and password you used when you’re initially registered. If you have not created an account you will be automatically directed to a registration page. Please complete registration then repeat this step.

  5. Once logged in, click on [Manage my network] button under the “Add a device” category.

  6. You will be brought to your Network page. Click on [+ Add a device] button under “Manage devices on your account” category.

  7. “Add a device” should popup asking you for MAC Address and Device Type. Please choose Media Streamer and type in the full MAC Address listed in "Wireless ID", "Ethernet ID" or both on your Apple TV. Please type in the MAC Address 2 characters at a time separated by colons. For example a1:2b:33:dd:f5:6a

  8. After clicking [Add Device] you will see it in your list of devices. Please restart the Apple TV and it should now be connected to the internet.

* Depending on the software version your Apple TV is running, the menus may be different.

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